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Apache Module mod_mime

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Description:Associates the requested filename's extensions with the file's behavior (handlers and filters) and content (mime-type, language, character set and encoding)
Module Identifier:mime_module
Source File:mod_mime.c


This module is used to assign content metadata to the content selected for an HTTP response by mapping patterns in the URI or filenames to the metadata values. For example, the filename extensions of content files often define the content's Internet media type, language, character set, and content-encoding. This information is sent in HTTP messages containing that content and used in content negotiation when selecting alternatives, such that the user's preferences are respected when choosing one of several possible contents to serve. See mod_negotiation for more information about content negotiation.

The directives AddCharset, AddEncoding, AddLanguage and AddType are all used to map file extensions onto the metadata for that file. Respectively they set the character set, content-encoding, content-language, and media-type (content-type) of documents. The directive TypesConfig is used to specify a file which also maps extensions onto media types.

In addition, mod_mime may define the handler and filters that originate and process content. The directives AddHandler, AddOutputFilter, and AddInputFilter control the modules or scripts that serve the document. The MultiviewsMatch directive allows mod_negotiation to consider these file extensions to be included when testing Multiviews matches.

While mod_mime associates metadata with filename extensions, the core server provides directives that are used to associate all the files in a given contain